40 Inch TVs

40" TVs are a great choice if you want something that is easily visible from a distance should you have a large room in which you want to place it but at the same time you don't want to spend a fortune. When thinking of buying a 40 inch TV there are going to be several points that you consider, you have decided the size that is right for you but what other features do you want it to have and where is it going to stand or be mounted as this could affect the screen type you choose.

Some 40" TVs will come with built in freeview, or wi-fi, does the amount of input and output sockets effect you, such as the need to plug in several games consoles. Do you want a specific colour for your 40 inch TV, most stores both online and the highstreet will have the standard black and silver options for you to choose from. There are plenty of points to consider whilst you browse the vast range of 40" TVs that can be found, it is more about personal taste as you will find there are many that have the same capabilities as each other.


Toshiba’s grasp on the technological world extends further than most companies that produce televisions for the mass market, they work with medical imaging technology, industrial robots, and so much more so it is no wonder than the range of Toshiba 40″ TV’s is quite large. They not only produce items that everyday people use on [...]


Sharp TV’s are known for their remarkably high definition, sharp image. All of the Sharp TVs have 6.2 million pixels for a more enriched viewing experience with richer, more true to life images. Sharp are one of the unique television manufacturers that offer a high, HD screen resolution of 1920×1080 pixels. You will be astounded [...]


Philips is a respected brand when it comes to electronics and many of us are the proud owner of a Philips TV but now with an increasing amount of large, HD or 3D TV’s on the market with an array of exciting features it may be time to upgrade! If you have taken a look [...]


Panasonic have an in depth selection of televisions currently available to suit all purposes, requirements and of course budget! The range of Panasonic televisions starts at the useful 24 inch HD ready television with Freeview built in and goes up as far as a 65 inch HD ready, 3D (with glasses included) Smart TV with [...]


Sony is a popular manufacturer of televisions and audio equipment and a brand many people immediately turn to thanks to their stellar reputation. Sony’s range of televisions; Sony Bravia range from the small and convenient 22 inch television up through to a 65 inch television perfect for the biggest fans of high quality viewing which [...]


Samsung are a well-known name for producing a wide range of electrical appliances such as mobile phones, audio and visual equipment and even home appliances such as washing machines, and fridges making them a brand many of us turn to due to positive past experiences with Samsung products and this may be why you wish [...]

40" LCD vs 40" Plasma

When looking at 40" TVs you may have found that there are two different screen types that keep appearing as you search. There will be 40" LCD TVs that work by a light being shone through the TV screen from behind, this uses a constant stream of light to create the picture that you see on the screen. The way a 40" LCD TV works means that the best picture is achieved by viewing it straight on, it is often said that they are also more efficient than a 40" Plasma TV. Ultimately this means if you are planning on placing your television on a wall above viewing level, a plasma screen would need to be the option you choose.

If you are considering a 40" Plasma TV you may have come across such fact that they can produce better quality images when there is a lot of black involved in the picture and that they have a faster response time when changing colours quickly.

40" 3D TVs

A 40 inch 3D TV takes the normal television experience and adds a new dimension to your television viewing. You can watch 3D TV with the addition of glasses and of course watch normal TV shows in 2d without any glasses. You should bear in mind that if you want to watch 3D content you will need to have a subscription to Sky 3D or a 3D Blu ray player. A 40 inch 3D television is an adequate size to suit most viewers habits and room sizes, avoid going for anything smaller than a 40 inch television when wanting 3D features as you will not get to experience the true advantages.

A 40" 3D TV would be a great addition to the home cinema system of those that love action movies and watch on a regular basis. Make sure you get a TV that comes supplied with 3D TV glasses or purchase enough extras for the whole family and some spare for guests. These can be quite costly so you should factor these in when choosing your TV.